Prayer Beads Bracelet Heart Sutra Engraving Ebony Made in Kyoto


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Prayer Beads Bracelet Heart Sutra Engraving Ebony Made in Kyoto

Material of prayer beads
・Omodama beads…Heart sutra carved ebony (10mm)
・Oyadama…Heart Sutra Carved Ebony (13mm)
・Tenju...Ebony (8mm) 
Inner thread material: Operon rubber (silicon rubber)
Size: inner circumference about 17.5cm
Remarks: With portable pouch bag

This bracelet is made of chic ebony and has all 276 characters of the "Heart Sutra" carved into it.
Prayer beads are processed only by polishing, without coating, in order to make the most of the quality of the material.
You can feel the natural texture and feel of ebony by finishing it with a bare-baking process, which cannot be done unless the quality of the ball is good.
The Heart Sutra is a collection of Buddhist teachings, and it is said that by reading it, one can gain the same merit as reading all 600 volumes of the Daihannya Sutra, and that all suffering will be removed.
This rosary bracelet is made of high-quality unboiled ebony wood and carefully engraved with the heart sutra.
It uses a large 10mm main pearl and has a strong presence, so it is recommended for men.
Elastic and durable operon rubber (silicon rubber) is used for the middle thread.
It is a masterpiece made by a master craftsman of Kyoto's prayer beads.

●What is Hannya shinkyo (Heart Sutra)?
The Heart Sutra is a scripture that preaches the thoughts of Mahayana Buddhism's "emptiness" and "Hannya" among Buddhism. "Ku" refers to the idea that all existence is caused by fate and is insubstantial, and Hannya refers to the so-called "enlightenment".

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