Noren Japanese tapestry Kitagawa Utamaro musume design


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Noren Japanese tapestry Kitagawa Utamaro musume design

Color: Red / Green
Size: Approximately width 85cm x length 150cm
Producing area: Made in Japan
Material / ingredient: 100% polyester

Who is Kitagawa Utamaro?
Around 1753 to 1806
He specializes in "Bijin-ga" paintings of delicate and beautiful women, and has left many works.
In it, she devised a method of eliminating her background in order to express the beauty of women,
She was well-received for her simple, sensual and emotional portrayals of human expressions.
Utamaro's ability to communicate was tremendous, such as the woman who became his model later attracted attention throughout Edo.
This also triggered the attention of the shogunate at that time and imprisonment.
After he opened the country, many of his works were exported overseas and are still kept in strict storage at overseas museums.

* Noren Japanese tapestries are made to order and will be shipped within 5-7 business days after ordering.
Thank you for your understanding.
* This Noren is not split in two. There is a cut line in the middle that does not fray even if you cut it with scissors, so please cut it as you like.
* A stick to hang the curtain is not included.
* The shape and display size may differ slightly.
* Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
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