Mino ware Japanese rice bowl 4 design set Made in Japan


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Mino ware Japanese rice bowl 4 design set Made in Japan

Rice bowl size: about diameter 5 in x height 2.5 in (12.8cm x 6.4cm)
Production: Made in Japan
Plate Materials: Porcelain
Production area: Mino ware

Japanese rice bowl 4 designs
①Yabane design
②Ajiromon design
③Namimon design
④Tokusa design
This Japanese rice bowl is very auspicious.

●What is Mino ware?
This ceramic is produced in the Tono region of southern Gifu Prefecture.
Production areas include Toki City, Tajimi City, Kasahara Town, and Mizunami City in present-day Gifu Prefecture.
Mino ware makes a wide variety of tableware with a wide variety of design features that are suitable for modern dining tables.
In addition, Mino ware is durable and easy to use, so it fits seamlessly into your daily dining table and supports your daily life.

①What is Yabane Design?
``Yabane'' is a feather attached to the back of an arrow to make it fly straight, and the design of this is the Yabane pattern (Yabane pattern). It is said to be a pattern that wards off evil spirits.

②What is Ajiromon design?
The ``AJIRO pattern'' is one of the Japanese patterns and has been used in Japanese architecture and kimonos since ancient times.
The AJIRO pattern is said to be impermeable to evil spirits and has the meaning of warding off epidemics and evil spirits.

③What is Namimon Design?
The pattern of waves that spread out in many circles when something falls onto the water surface.
Namimon is entrusted with the meaning of eternity and eternal peace in the infinitely expanding waves.

④What is Tokusa Design?
Tokusa is a vertical striped pattern.
Tokusa is a pattern that has been loved in Japan for a long time because of its straight shape and as a symbol of hope for growth and prosperity.

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