Japanese traditional Mt. Fuji Kokeshi Japanese doll


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Height: 19 cm
Head diameter: 7 cm
Material: Mizuki

In this Kokeshi Japanese doll, the individuality of the creator is expressed by ""Creative Kokeshi"".
It is made at the Kokeshi workshop in Gunma prefecture, and near the workshop is a treasure trove of nature surrounded by mountains.

The characteristic of Kokeshi Japanese doll is that there are zelkova, Mizuki, chestnut and cherry blossoms as materials, and the parts used are selected according to the beauty of the grain of natural wood and the individuality of the wood.
Fascinated by the beauty of the wood grain, Kokeshi is a new material for Kokeshi Japanese dolls that takes advantage of the characteristics of each wood.
Unlike the traditional Kokeshi in the Tohoku region, the charm of the creative Kokeshi is its cuteness and reliable technical and design capabilities.
Please feel the warmth of wood Kokeshi Japanese doll that can only be tasted by hand.

◎ Manufacturing process
Starting from drying the log, it is shaved and polished to the same shape with a potter's wheel, painted and engraved, two base paintings and one finishing painting are performed, the face, neck and body are assembled, and a ten-step process is performed. It will be completed after that.
With an integrated system of skilled kokeshi doll craftsmen, each one is carefully crafted.

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