Iga ware Earthenware pot / Modern SAKURA cherry blossom chopsticks / Flower pottery spoon set


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Iga ware Earthenware pot/Modern SAKURA cherry blossom chopsticks/Flower pottery spoon set

Earthenware pot Size: about diameter 15.5 x width 17.5 x height 12.5 cm
Capacity: about 600ml
Bowl (lid): about diameter 13.5 x 5.5cm
Capacity: about 350ml
*The lid of the Earthenware pot can also be used as a bowl.
*Earthenware pot for one person.
Modern SAKURA chopsticks size: about 23cm
Flower pottery spoon size: about 16.5cm

Iga ware earthenware pot, modern SAKURA cherry blossom chopsticks and flower pottery spoon set.
The Earthenware pot is sized for one person, and the lid can also be used as a bowl.
Earthenware pot food is of course good. Rice cooked in an Earthenware pot is very delicious.
Enjoy gorgeous and delicious dishes with modern SAKURA chopsticks and floral-patterned ceramic spoons.

What is Igaware?
The high fire resistance and natural beauty of Iga ware clay Iga ware is a type of pottery produced mainly in Iga City, Mie Prefecture.
The clay used is produced from the Old Biwako Layer and has an extremely high degree of fire resistance.

●Earthenware pot Note
The Earthenware pot conditions listed below will always occur during the manufacturing process.
It passes the manufacturer's quality standards and inspections.
・Slight misalignment of the lid
・Dents and unevenness on the surface
・Crack-like pattern on the surface
・Uneven coating
・Protrusions or depressions in the fabric or glaze

*Since it is a pottery item, there may be differences in color, pattern, texture, size, and weight.
In addition, even with the same earthenware pot item, there may be scratches or differences in coloring due to the manufacturing process.
* Depending on your device and viewing environment, the color and texture of the photo may look slightly different from the actual one.
Thank you for your understanding.
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