Buddhist Rosary Mala Juzu Prayer beads blue Cloisonne Crystal made in kyoto


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Buddhist Rosary Mala Juzu Prayer beads blue Cloisonne Crystal made in kyoto

Size: 8mm
Big Juzu Prayer beads : crystal (about 12 mm)
Main Juzu Prayer beads : Cloisonne ware (about 8mm)
Small Juzu Prayer beads : crystal (about 5mm)
Tassel: 2-color tassel with pure silk head (iris color/silver line)

Rosary Mala Juzu for women that can be used by customers of all denominations. The material is the popular cloisonne ware.
Cloisonne ware is a traditional craft that has been around since ancient times.
I am fascinated by the glittering origin of representing the seven kinds of treasures (gold, silver, lapis lazuli, coral, agate, amber, mantis shrimp). The vividly drawn floral pattern is very tasteful, and you can feel the unwavering dignity in the gorgeousness.
The crystal used as an accent creates a freshness like a drop of water on a flower. Pretty flowers that never fall will bloom brightly at your fingertips.
In addition, for the important big ball that symbolizes Amida Nyorai, we use a crystal ball of about 12mm, which is larger than usual. By using a large big bead, the overall look of the prayer beads is good and the finish is more luxurious.
The tassel is, of course, made of pure silk.
Rosary Mala Juzu was finished with stylish two-color tassels.

◎Stone potency
・Crystal April birthstone
As many people find crystals to be the reason they fall in love with stones, and the final destination is crystals, crystals are a representative stone among power stones.
The crystal symbolizes "pureness and innocence", purifies the mind and soul, activates vitality, and awakens potential abilities and power. The pure and transparent crystal is popular with both men and women, and when combined with other power stones, it enhances the energy of the stone, so it is said to be a very versatile stone. It also absorbs negative energy and protects the owner from the outside world, so it is the perfect power stone for amulets and good luck.

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