What is the appeal of Sailor fountain pens?

The Sailor Pen is a high quality Japanese fountain pen that is popular with beginners and advanced players alike.
The feature is that it is easy to write stop and sweeping when writing characters.
Even those who are not accustomed to fountain pens can write comfortably.

In addition, a special pen tip such as “Naginata sharpening” is prepared so that you can write more beautifully, which is a charm unique to Sailor’s fountain pen.
Because it can write beautiful characters, it is also used as a writing instrument when writing long sentences such as reports.
You can enjoy a smooth writing taste
One of Sailor’s unique special nibs, the width of the line changes depending on the angle of the nib, allowing you to write beautiful characters.

In addition, the pen tip is created manually by a professional craftsman.
Therefore, there are few hits and misses of the pen tip depending on the product, and it is also a point that you can purchase with confidence even by mail order.
Choose your favorite Sailor Pen and enjoy writing comfortably.