Uniball R:E 3 BIZ erasable 3 color pen

“Uniball R:E 3 BIZ”
A 3-color ballpoint pen that can be erased “although it is slim but plenty of ink”
Knurled metal grip makes it easy to grip and stylish

[Product Features]
■The knurled grip makes it easy to grip, and the clip has a luxurious feel and can be firmly sandwiched.
For the parts of the shaft body, we have adopted metal grips and clips that combine luxury and practicality.
Both are made of metal and are durable, and the knurled finish makes them slippery and easy to grip, giving them a luxurious feel.
It is a clip that can firmly hold paper etc.
■Stylish axis design that squeezes the tip axis to make it look slimmer than conventional products
It has a slim design with a narrower grip than the 12.7 mm diameter slim shaft of the conventional “Uniball R:E3”.
Not only the grip but also the narrow clip makes the slimness stand out.
In addition, the shaft painting is finished in a matte finish to create a stylish design with a high quality feel.
■We are developing a casual limited axis color that incorporates trends and trends that match the formal business scene.
Axial colors are available in calm colors that match the formal business scene.
With limited colors, we have diversified business scenes and are aware of those who are looking for casual colors.We also have bright and casual colors such as yellow and blue in combination with the grip color and the main body color. You can choose.