The charm of a Platinum fountain pen

Along with sailor pilots, platinum is one of the most famous domestic fountain pen makers.
Since the ink flow is narrowed down, the ink does not easily bleed, and it is easy to write upward brushstroke / sweeping characters.
In addition, although it is stiff and has little bending, it is also characterized by a pen tip that feels elasticity.
You can write with a stable character width, and the writing taste like a pencil is also attractive.
It is a pen tip that focuses on both ink flow and writing taste, so it is also recommended for beginners of fountain pens.

In addition, its high technology is one of the reasons why platinum fountain pens are loved.
We use technologies that are hard to find anywhere else, such as caps that do not dry ink for a long time and shafts made of materials that are difficult to process.

The “# 3776 Century” series is recommended for the first one.
If you are new to platinum fountain pens, we recommend starting with the # 3776 Century Series.
This is a representative series of platinum, and uses unique technologies such as a “slip seal mechanism” that prevents the ink from drying out.
Great for getting to know the comfort of a platinum fountain pen.