Recommended Sakura Craypas Coupy What is the difference between Coupy, Crayon and Craypas?

What’s the difference between Coupy, Crayon and colored pencils?

Made of synthetic resin, wax, pigment
A mixture of wax and pigment that is solidified into a stick
・Colored pencils
Clay based, pigment and wax kneaded and hardened

The difference is the hardness and thickness of the core
It doesn’t look so different from the raw materials, but from the hardest order, the colored pencils, coupies, and crayons.
Speaking of the thickness of the core, from the thickest, the order is crayon, coupy, colored pencil.

What are the characteristics of Sakura Crepas Coupy?
With a touch of a picture between a colored pencil and a crayon, it’s like a good pick between a crayon and a colored pencil.
The color of Coupy is untouchable, the whole is made of core, and it can be scraped.

After 12 colors, there are 15 colors, 18 colors, 24 colors, 30 colors, 60 colors, etc.
It is recommended to increase it as a step up after learning the basic color types with 12 colors.

Some Coupy sets come with their own eraser.
With the dedicated eraser, you can erase the part you accidentally drew.

How to use the shortened Coupy?
Coupies that have broken can be melted and stuck together
It’s a waste that a long coupie breaks.
In such a case, you can use the lighter or candle to melt the broken surfaces and connect them together.
The trick is to flatten the broken part with a cutter.

For coloring candles
It’s a waste to throw away the shortened coupies and crayons, but it’s hard to use anymore, and I think many mothers are thinking about what to do.
Coupies, like crayons, have the property of melting when heated, so they can be used as a coloring material when making candles.

Let’s enjoy drawing with the coupie of Sakura Crepas♪
Coupies are easier to draw than crayon hands and are softer than color pencils, so even small children can easily draw and paint at home.

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