Recommended Pilot custom 743 fountain pen

The Pilot Custom 743 fountain pen is a fountain pen that has many simple and timeless designs and brand commitments.
Pilot custom 743 fountain pen recommended points!
No. 15 size, the largest in the custom series, is used for the nib of the Pilot Custom 743 fountain pen.
*The number is a unique name for the pilot and is not a standard.

In the pilot, as a division of roles on one part called a pen tip, around the heart hole (root of the slit),
It is divided into “fixed part” and “elastic part”.
The fixed part is on the neck side of the heart hole,
The tip side of the hole is the “elastic part”.
Due to the structure of the fountain pen, you can directly feel the surface of the paper when writing.
Unlike ballpoint pens, there is no mechanism that disperses force, unlike the structure that is transmitted to the hand through moving parts around the core.

Pilot custom 743 fountain pen
In the case of fountain pens with many common structures, the role of the elastic part is important.
It has a great influence on the feeling of touch with paper and the writing comfort.
And, of course, the larger the number (size) of the pen tip, the larger the elastic part.
Writing feels good and feels stable.
The fixed part is more solid.
The elastic part is more flexible.

Abundance of pen types
Catch copy of “authentic modern writing taste”
In the case of Pilot Custom 743, it is easy to match the individual preference of the user and the writing style,
We have a lineup of 14 types of pen tips.
From those who like the “feeling of writing with a fountain pen”, you can enjoy the feeling of friction with paper with strong writing pressure.
For those who like to use soft pen pressure to inflate like a brush,
You’ll find a pen tip that’s perfect for you.

Very stable quality with little individual difference
Pilot Corporation manufactures and processes in-house from Penpoint.
Difficult welding of pen parts and pen points with different melting points, and subsequent molding, cutting, polishing, and heat treatment work processes are also performed under strict production control.
Ultimately, it is shipped after being hand-polished and hand-polished.
At the usual writing angle and writing pressure assumed by the manufacturer, we maintain a high level of quality that does not require adjustment and a minimum individual difference.

● Pen: 14K
● Shaft/Cap Material: Resin
● Thickness: Maximum diameter 15.7mm
● Weight: 26g
● Length: 149mm when stored / 162mm when writing (including cap)
● Ink supply method: converter or cartridge
● Pen type: 14 types
● Accessories: Converter (Product number: CON-70)