ZEBRA oil-based ballpoint pen FORTIA VC 0.7mm pink BA93-P


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[FORTIA VC] Ballpoint pen with a casual and formal design
[Features] Twist type / metal shaft
[Ink] Oil-based dye / Black ink
[Replacement core] F-0.7 core
[Body Size] Maximum shaft diameter 12 x 137.2mm / weight 34g

Metal ballpoint pen “FORTIA VC”
The elegant texture and solid writing quality that shines in suits are perfect for the business scene.
A ballpoint pen with a casual and formal design.
A high-class feeling design creates your writing scene.
There are 20 axis colors, so you can always find your favorite axis color. Features 20 body colors that allow you to choose a slightly different color from people.
Rotating type and excellent comfort! It has a smooth and comfortable operating feeling that makes you want to pull out the core.

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Weight 50 g