Tsugaru Vidro SAKE Cup Irodori 4pieces Mini Glass Made in Japan


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Tsugaru Vidro SAKE Cup Irodori × 4pieces
Mini Glass Made in Japan
Capacity: about 50 ml × 4pieces

Tsugaru Vidro is a traditional craft designated by Aomori Prefecture, and is a glass work that inherits traditional traditional techniques.
Flying cherry blossoms, gorgeous summer festivals, beautiful autumn leaves, severe cold, etc.
Feel the beauty of the vivid colors that capture the moments of the Japanese landscape.
A stylish sake cup with a cool design.
It is also recommended as a gift for those who like alcohol.
“” Tsugaru Vidro “” is blessed with the rich nature of Michinoku and has a relaxed beauty.
Traditional glass crafts produced by skilled craftsmen
Since each piece is handmade by a glass craftsman, there may be some variations in size, pattern, capacity, etc.
Dishwasher not allowed

The distribution of raw materials is also a craftsmanship
Tsugaru Vidro has already utilized the skills, techniques and experience of craftsmen even before the raw materials are melted.
This formulation supports the colorful and “” handmade glass that feels the four seasons “”. ”

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