Tsugaru vidro SAKE bottle SAKE cup set Mizubasho Made in Japan


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The liquor bottle, which is also a feature of “Tsugaru vidro” and uses abundant colored glass grains, looks like the pattern emerges when you add liquor, and you can enjoy it visually.
A transparent glassware that makes cold sake even more delicious.
The beautiful colors of Tsugaru vidro add brilliance to your relaxing moments.

The raw material for the glass used in “Tsugaru vidro” is small grains.
Each one is glass. A product can be made by melting and molding this.
The composition of raw materials is backed by the knowledge and experience cultivated by craftsmen. It is also a craftsman’s skill to melt the glass and wind it up on a rod. Since the melted glass has air bubbles, we also use skillful techniques to wind it up on a rod.
I don’t write “skill” because there is good quality and process control.
In order to deliver products with stable quality to customers, we manage the composition of raw materials and utilize the skill and experience of craftsmen.

The soft molding unique to handmade makes you feel warmth, and there is no single color or pattern that is the same.
The delicate technique of craftsmen projects a fantastic art of light.
The sake cup has a plump and round shape, and the mouthpiece is thick and has a gentle mouthfeel.
The bright colors of Tsugaru vidro complement the poured drink more beautifully.
Not only can you use it as a sake bottle and cup set for cold sake, but you can also use it as a mini pitcher to serve to the table with handmade dressing and noodle soup.

Tokkuri: about 90 x 126 mm, diameter: about 40 mm
Capacity: about365ml
Cup x 2: about74 x 44 mm, diameter: about74 mm
Capacity: about 50ml

[Specifications] Microwave oven NG / Oven NG / Open flame NG / Dishwasher NG
* Not heat-resistant glass
[Manufacturing] Japan

It may crack due to a sudden temperature difference.
We are not responsible or liable for any damage or damage caused directly or indirectly by using this product.
Since it is a handmade product, air bubbles may enter.
Since each piece is shaped by a unique technique, the following points may be seen.
In addition, please note that it will be unavoidable in terms of transportation, materials, and manufacturing process.
There may be slight differences such as slight scratches and unevenness / misalignment / rubbing / shape / size / weight / capacity / color / how to insert gold leaf / crushed or scratched box / etc.

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