Tokoname ware Yakishime Kyusu Teapot


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Tokoname ware Yakishime Kyusu Teapot

Size/capacity: 400cc
*The capacity is 80% when full.
Country of Origin: Japan
Material / component: Pottery
*All tea utensils such as Kyusu teapots, teacups, and matcha bowls are handmade and may vary slightly.
For example, the size, spout angle and placement may vary slightly.

This is a Kyusu teapot made with a method called yakishime, which is baked without using glaze.
It does not have the smooth texture of glaze, but has the hardness of porcelain and the fine texture of clay.
It has a dignified atmosphere.
By using the Kyusu teapot, the gloss and depth of the color will increase.
Even if the Kyusu teapot is stained with tea stains, it becomes more flavorful, unlike porcelain or painted glazed teapots. You can use it as if you were growing a teapot.

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