Tatami Rush nap green mattress and Tatami Rush grass hollow flat pillow set


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Tatami Rush nap green mattress and Tatami Rush grass hollow flat pillow set

Tatami Rush nap green mattress size: about 35 x 78.7 in (90 x 200 cm)
Color: Green
Material: outer material = Japan made rush (double-sided), medium material = 100% cotton (40mm)
Country of origin: Made in Japan

Pillow size: Width about 19.7 in (50cm), Vertical about 11.8 in (30cm)
Color: Brown, Blue, Green, Orange
Production area: Planned and managed in Japan, made in China.
Material / component: Surface fabric = Rush Grass 
Material inside = Polypropylene

What is the Tatami Rush nap green mattress?
Rush Grass mattress for naps with a simple grid pattern made from Japanese Rush Grass. It’s also perfect for a short nap during your work break.
The inner material is made of 40mm hard cotton with a focus on cushioning properties, so it has just the right amount of elasticity and can be used comfortably even on flooring. The Rush Grass surface is treated with cypress tree oil (antibacterial and deodorizing effect).

What is Rush Grass hollow flat pillow?
The Rush Grass hollow flat pillow uses a long-lasting antibacterial agent. Long-lasting antibacterial agents are technologies developed to control the growth of microorganisms such as mold in closed spaces.
With the long-lasting antibacterial agent and the effects of Rush Grass, we have achieved antibacterial, deodorizing, and deodorizing effects that prevent mold from spreading.
*Antibacterial treatment is applied to the surface of the Rush Grass fabric of the pillow. However, it is not effective against all molds and bacteria.
If you leave it in a high temperature and high humidity condition, mold and bacteria are likely to grow. Recommended for naps and relaxing.

◆Precautions for use and care
・Wipe lightly twice with a dry cloth or rag before use.
Do not wipe with water as it may cause mold.
・If you spill water, it will not penetrate inside if you absorb the water early.
Do not rub strongly, but wipe with a tissue.
・For daily care, use a vacuum cleaner!
Vacuum along the grain.
・If you dry it in the shade regularly and keep it well ventilated, you can prevent the growth of mold.
・Since it is a natural material and handmade by craftsmen, the shape and display size may differ slightly.
Thank you for understanding.

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