SAKURA Cherry Blossom Fuji SAKE Bottle SAKE Cup Set


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Size / capacity
Body size: SAKE bottle diameter approx. 12 x 3.6 cm, SAKE cup: approx. 6.7 x 4.6 cm
Capacity: SAKE bottle approx. 250 ml, SAKE cup approx. 35 ml
Product package size: Approximately 120 x 36 x 36mm
Producing area: Japan
Materials / Ingredients: Materials / Raw Materials: Soda Lime Glass

The scenery of “Sakura” familiar to Japanese people and the sake cup and sake bottle set “Sakura” with the motif of “Mt. Fuji” make us feel the beginning of things, and “Mt. Fuji” is the tallest in Japan. It is considered to be a good one.
Please enjoy the finest sake with the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji.
It is perfect not only for daily evening drinks, but also for hospitality and celebrations on Halle’s day.
Comes in a special vanity case, making it ideal for celebrations for loved ones and as souvenirs and gifts for overseas customers.
You can enjoy the unique handmade texture, such as the shade, the mixture of colors, and the difference in shape.
Reliable quality, made in Japan.

Microwave compatible: Not possible
Dishwasher compatible: Not available

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Weight 2000 g