PILOT Oil-based Ballpoint Pen Opt 0.7mm Rheinmetall BOP-20F-LM


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Ultra-fine knock type multicolor ballpoint pen series of oil-based ballpoint pen “Super Grip G”.
Achieves an extremely fine body with a shaft diameter of 10.7 mm for 2-color and 3-color pens and a shaft diameter of 11.8 mm for 4-color pens.
Since it is a slim, fit without stress even in such as pen holder bags and notebook.
Ink color: black, red, blue, and green. Ink type: oily. Ball diameter: 0.7mm. Core replacement part number: BKRF-6F.
?? We use other color in some detail image.
Size: Height = 144mm horizontal = 10mm thickness = 15mm. Product color trend: transparent. .

Line width (mm) 0.70 mm
Ink color black

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Weight 20 g


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