PILOT Fountain Pen COCOON Fine Bordeaux FCO-3SR-BOF

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A beautiful fountain pen with a simple rounded design
A fountain pen with a simple design composed of beautiful curves like a spear.
Making with emphasis on ease of grip and ease of holding
The slightly thicker shaft diameter and moderate weight feel better when you hold the pen.
Nib: F
Easy-to-use nib for notebooks, diaries, resumes, etc. Recommended for those who hold the pen upright.

● Size: Maximum diameter φ13.2mm, total length 138mm
● Nib: Special alloy
● Pen type: F
● Shaft sheath: brass, painted
● Compatible converter (ink inhaler): CON-20, CON-50
* Cartridge ink can also be used
● Color: Bordeaux

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Weight 120 g