Pilot Acro DRIVE Pink Gold (0.7mm Metallic Grey BDR-3SR-MGY)


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The shape of the shaft and the clip is a design that images the smoothness of acroink.
“DRIVE” of the naming is an English word of “driving, operation”, which expresses the operability of writing with acro ink and the feeling of running.

Pink gold color was adopted for plating of metal fittings, and a new sense of luxury was produced by using a color different from the classic gold color and silver color.
The shape of the shaft and clip is finished in the design that imaged the smoothness of the acro ink.
Refills are equipped with dark and smooth writing acro ink.
The infestation mechanism adopts a rotating feeding type with a sense of quality.

Axis: brass, painting
Sheath: brass, painting, printing
Head crown, clip, gold ring: brass, pink gold flash + clear coat finish

Elegant, soft shine, refined upper texture. A new color appears in the acro drive with pink gold on the metal fittings.
Raw materials: ?? Shaft: Brass paint
Country of production: Japan

Color Metallic Grey
Quantity of goods 1
Size Body size: 134×10.9mm/Rotating feeding

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Weight 30 g