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Additive-free organic raw soap with plenty of organic red palm oil (framed)
Organic Raw Soap Red Palm A & E 80g Cold Process (Made in Japan)
Since it is not heated in all processes and uses organic edible oil, it is called “free organic raw soap”.
 Naturally derived glycerin with moisturizing power and nutrients in food are safe and happy
This “additive-free organic raw soap” is made by saponifying organic edible coconut oil with a traditional cold process (liquid soap base).
It is rich in natural glycerin with moisturizing power, and the nutritional components of the food remain firmly.
Add caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) to saponified (saponified) oil by cold process and stir.
At this time, it is saponified only by reaction heat without heating.
This method is a relatively simple traditional method that can be handmade at home. Cold process without heating does not destroy the heat-sensitive active ingredients contained in the oil. Therefore, the characteristics of the natural oils and fats of the base plants and animals can be fully exploited.
What is soap base? Soap base is made by a method called saponification or neutralization using natural fats and oils as raw materials.
It is in a state before it becomes a solid used as a product.
It is liquid immediately after saponification.

Let it sleep for about one month by the frame kneading method. Fresh soap base made by cold process has high fluidity.
The method of pouring this into a frame and slowly cooling and solidifying is the frame kneading method.
High quality soap base made from organic edible oil can be used without applying heat.
After pouring into the frame kneading, leave it still. After a few days it starts to set. Freshly made soap is highly alkaline, so it can be made slightly alkaline by drying it in a well-ventilated dark room for about one month.
Non-synthetic surfactants that are common in mass-produced products Surfactants are ingredients that can mix water and oil that are not mixed together.
Utilizing this property, dirt can be taken into water.
Soap is a type of surfactant.
Soap is made by a simple manufacturing method using fats and alkalis as raw materials, and is characterized by a weak ability to mix fats and water (surfactant action). On the other hand, since synthetic surfactants are chemically synthesized, they have strong surfactant activity and strong detergency, which may weaken the skin barrier function or cause loss of sharpness.
In addition, the surface activity is not easily lost even after draining.

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