Noren tapestry “Utamaro Kitagawa_Daughter who blows poppin” [Made in Japan] Japanese style


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Utamaro Kitagawa
Horeki 3rd year (1753) ~ Bunka 3rd year (1806)
He specializes in “Bijin-ga”, which depicts delicate and beautiful women, and has left many works.
Among them, he devised a method of eliminating the background in order to express the beauty of women, and drew the facial expressions of people simply, sensually and emotionally, and gained popularity.
The woman who became the model later attracted the attention of all over Edo, and Utamaro’s transmission power was tremendous, and that triggered her to be noticed by the shogunate at that time and imprisoned.
After the opening of the country, many works have been leaked overseas and are still strictly stored in museums overseas.

Utamaro Bijin-ga Popular Secret
Bijin-ga, which was mainly a full-body painting, omits the screen composition and background of only the upper body
The composition that makes women stand out more has captured the hearts of ukiyo-e fans.
Contrary to the bold composition, you will never get tired of looking at the different writing of hair and the fineness and beauty of the kimono pattern.
From the props and kimonos of the painting models to hairstyles, it is said that it has become a fashion guide for women in the world by skillfully incorporating the trends of the time.
In his life as a writer, he continued to face the possibilities of his work until his later years, using paints made of mica, and without using paints, by rubbing paper strongly against the plate and expressing the pattern with embossed unevenness. did.

Size / capacity
Approximately width 85 cm x length 150 cm
■ Production area: Japan
■ Materials / Ingredients: 100% polyester

[About the tension rod]
Tension rods and curtain tapestry rods are not included.

[Sheer feeling]
It is a standard product that casually blocks the line of sight, and can be seen through, especially when the other side is bright.

[About cracking]
This curtain tapestry is unbroken.
There is a cut line in the middle that will not fray even if you cut it with scissors, so cut it as you like.

[Please understand]
The colors on the screen may differ slightly from the actual product depending on the display settings.

[About sublimation transfer]
Since it is a single-sided print, the back is plain.

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Weight 300 g