ni mono sense plate Embu (Round dance) / Trajectory





Sense(Folding fan) shaped plate 1piece
Material: Porcelain
Width 13.8 cm x depth 8 cm x height 1 cm
box-About width 11.4 cm x depth 11.4 cm x height 1.2 cm
Country of origin: Made in Japan
Note: Please do not use dishwashing detergent or a dishwashing detergent with abrasives, as this may cause the surface decoration to peel off and cause damage such as cracks.

“Folding fan” has been familiar to Japanese people since ancient times.
As a tool symbolizing hospitality, as a lucky charm that comes from the shape of the end.
A fan-shaped small plate that has been shaped and painted with the techniques inherited in Mino, Gifu Prefecture.
Please use it as your appetizer for sweets and dishes, incense saucer and accessory tray with your sense.
The moving motif expresses the beauty and behavior of gold dance in mica gold.

ni mono
Taking “traditional”, “technique”, “material”, “design”, “product” = “cooking” scattered all over Japan, and thinking deeply about the essence of it, new flavors (ideas) are added to the traditional taste (things and things) that have been passed down. ) Is added, and an unknown taste is searched for every day.

From such thoughts, to “nimono” that is deeply involved in Japanese food culture
Put the word Japanese manufacturing
It’s called ni mono.

Additional information

Weight 250 g