Midori magnet mini SUSHI A 6 pieces 49869006


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Midori magnet mini sushi A 6 pieces 49869006

[Three-dimensional mini-magnet of powerful magnet that is cute but has high practicality]
The design is faithfully expressed in every detail, and it is a small but realistic magnet.
The attention to detail is very tasty and reproduced with high quality.
The real sushi pattern mini magnet is not only small and cute,
It is practical because it is a powerful magnet using neodymium magnets.
Even though it is very small, thick paper can be securely fastened!
At home, use it to paste shopping notes, school and local announcements on the refrigerator or whiteboard,
If you use it to paste notes at your office desk, you can feel a little happy.
There are six types of delicious miniature sushi magnets.
Body size: W8.5 ~ 26 × H6.5 ~ 25 × D8 ~ 28mm
Package size: W96 × H95 × D17mm
6 pieces

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Weight 19 g