Kutani ware SAKE cup AkaFUji Round cup 110cc, Flat cup 55cc


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Kutani ware SAKE cup AkaFUji Round cup 110cc, Flat cup 55cc

Kutani ware is one of Japan’s leading color painting ceramics with “original and bold composition (design)”, “beautiful and rich color expression” and “overwhelming depiction technique”.
Kutani ware, a traditional craft certified by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, has celebrated 360 years since the opening of the old Kutani kiln.
Exhibited at the Paris Expo and made a name for itself in the world as Japan Kutani, please enjoy the virtuosity of color paintings stored in famous museums around the world such as the British and Louvre.

You can enjoy it in a round shape or in a flat shape in the mood of today.
The craftsmen themselves painted the handmade sake cups and paulownia boxes.
Product number: N119-01
Country of Origin: Japan
Material / Material: Porcelain
Specifications: Capacity / Round cup: 110cc, Flat cup: 55cc
Dishwasher not allowed, microwave not allowed

* Since each item is handmade, the shade of the painting will differ depending on the product.
* We do not recommend using a dishwasher or microwave for long-term patronage.

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Weight 500 g