Kutani ware SAKE bottle SAKE cup set Gold leaf Tsukimi rabbit


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Gorgeous color is beautiful Kutani sake bottle set.
Country of Origin: Japan
Material Material: pottery
Product Size: BOTTLE) diameter 8 × height 14.5cm, (cup) diameter 7.5 × height 3.5cm
Specifications: sake bottle capacity 320cc dishwasher not, not microwave oven
Accessories: Bon, cosmetic box

The characteristic of Kutani ware is that it draws lines (bones) in black called “Gosu” and thickly heaps up the paints in five colors called “Gosai” in red, yellow, green, purple and dark blue. It is a painting method. The design is bold and pictorial, such as Sansui and Kacho, giving a powerful impression.
World famous as “Japan Kutani”

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Weight 800 g