Kihara KOMON Small Plate 5 pieces set MAME9771-75



KIHARA, which is a modern arrangement of traditional Arita ware, produces many items that rediscover “Wa”. Find your own container that fits in your hand and is used in today’s Japanese home where Japanese and Western are mixed.

A set of 5 KOMON plates.
A series of modern Japanese traditional patterns that have been handed down since ancient times.
The patterns used as motifs have their own meaning, and they have been raised for a long time with the wish of happiness.

● Material: Magnetic
●Size: Diameter 10.8 x Height 1.8cm
●Microwave: Yes
● Dishwasher: Yes






A knotted cherry blossom is a pattern designed with one stroke without interrupting the gorgeous beauty of cherry blossoms. It means happiness and connection that lasts forever.
Gourd is a symbol of prosperous business because it has many seeds and has the meaning of prosperity for its descendants and because it is entwined with things.
Chrysanthemums are a symbol of “eternal longevity”. The arabesque means the “continuous success of Fukuju” from the past to the future. Hemp leaf means “connection”.
Since each wave has a fan shape, it means the end of the wave, and it is an auspicious pattern combined with the staggering to fly in swarms near the water surface and avoid difficulties.
A representative pattern of auspicious patterns. It is said that pine is a “long-lasting longevity” that does not lose its green even in winter, bamboo is a “prosperity” that grows fast and has a strong fertility, and plum is a symbol of “life force” that blooms in early spring ahead of other flowers.

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Weight 1200 g