Kihara KOMON Small Plate 5 pieces set 0079



KIHARA, which is a modern arrangement of traditional Arita ware, produces many items that rediscover “Wa”. Find your own container that fits in your hand and is used in today’s Japanese home where Japanese and Western are mixed.

A set of 5 KOMON plates (Yabane/Shitihou/Asanoha/Amime/Seigaiha).
A series of modern Japanese traditional patterns that have been handed down since ancient times.
The patterns used as motifs have their own meaning, and they have been raised for a long time with the wish of happiness.

● Material: Magnetic
●Size: Diameter 15 H2.5cm
●Microwave: Yes
● Dishwasher: Yes







The feather above the arrow.
It is said to be auspicious if you bring a kimono of Yasuri when you get married.
The round shape represents “energy” and “property”, and because it is an infinitely continuous ring, it is a pattern with meaning such as prosperity of descendants.
Since hemp is strong and stretches straight, it is said that it was customary to use it as a pattern for childbirth clothes in the hope of growing children.
It is a pattern with the motif of a net to save Ryo.
It is said that the continuous pattern is “forever,” and that the net “scraps good fortune.”
Since each wave has a fan shape, it leads to a wide spread.
The sea is said to be a symbol of prosperity because it continues forever.

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Weight 1200 g