Japanese hot spring set bath chair bucket cypress hot spring ball made in Japan


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Japanese hot spring set bath chair bucket cypress hot spring ball made in Japan

●Hinoki cypress bath chair
Width: about 10.2 in (26cm)
Height: about 6.7 in (17cm)
Height: about 8.3 in (21cm)
●Sawara cypress bath bucket
Diameter: about 6.9 in (17.5cm)
Height Size: about 3.3 in (8.3cm)
*Small size bath bucket
●Hinoki cypress hot spring ball x 10

〇 Hinoki cypress bath chair
Try the cypress bath chair in the bath where you can relax and enjoy the time and space.
The gentle warmth and wood texture of Kiso cypress with its beautiful wood grain will soothe you with a gentle sense of openness.
Material: Hinoki (unpainted)

〇Sawara cypress bath bucket
With the Sawara cypress bath bucket, your bath will feel like a Japanese onsen ryokan.
Sawara cypress is a type of tree belonging to the genus Hinoki of the family Hinoki, and is a coniferous tree that is a specialty of Japan.

〇 Hinoki hot spring ball
Log aroma and hot spring ball made of natural cypress from Gifu prefecture.
Hinokitiol and terpene, the aroma components of Hinoki,
A lot of it is contained in the red part of the branch of Hinoki.
Tono cypress, which has fine annual rings, and especially the core of thick branches of large trees that have grown old, contain a large amount of terpenes.
*When the scent of cypress becomes weak, you can restore the scent by scraping the ball with sandpaper.

Handling Note
*Wood grain, color, and weight may vary slightly depending on the material.
* If the bath bucket is dried too much, the outer frame (copper frame) will fall off.
(Forced drying such as direct sunlight is strictly prohibited)
*After use, wash thoroughly with fresh water, lay down diagonally to allow air to pass through, and dry gently.

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