GINPO KIKUKA No. 9 clay pot Oribe color



It is made the pot Bankoyaki of Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture.
The next generation of pot that matches the life of modern people is KIKUKA.
Was a conventional labor, it eliminates the need for sealing treatment prior to use, after the purchase, is now able to use your soon.
Features a is the thermal storage of the pot as it is, success in weight reduction of 15% compared to conventional flower Mishima.
Handling is easier, you can enjoy the dishes warm fresh on the table.
The torso portion of the black, use the original glaze to prevent the trouble of the smell and dirt. Of course, pot cooking, you can enjoy a variety of dishes such as soup curry and cheese fondue.
In order to produce a beautiful table, color ring the traditional colors of Japan has become a base. Is a design to match the modern interior to diversify.

Please note that it may have some color unevenness ※.
※ Due to the nature of the pottery, and some abrasions, large and small, and the color difference, etc. Please note.
Please pay attention to handling.
There is no scale on the inside of the fuselage.

Diameter 28.5cm × height 15.5cm / 2.7ℓ / for 4 people

Direct fire

Additional information

Weight 2500 g