Edo Kiriko SAKE Cup Star Pattern Blue x Red Pair Edo Kiriko Glass Pair Kiriko Glass


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Edo Kiriko SAKE Cup Star Pattern Purple x 2 Cup Edo Kiriko Glass Pair Kiriko Glass
Edo Kiriko’s drink with beautiful and vivid colors of the traditional Japanese pattern “Hoshikiriko”.
The various cuts made by skilled kiriko craftsmen are fine and clear, and the finish is like a jewel.
When you pick it up and look at it from various angles, it looks like you are looking at a kaleidoscope.
The vivid contrast of colored glass and crystal glass matches the Japanese pattern perfectly, and you will never get tired of seeing its beauty.

It has been fascinating the hearts of viewers for more than 170 years since the Edo period.
Tajima glass sushi drinks are carefully hand-made one by one, from cutting to polishing.
A beautiful Japanese drink created by combining traditional crafts that have been passed down since the late Edo period with the skills of skilled Kiriko craftsmen.

The color and beauty of the glass is handmade.
Edo Kiriko is recommended as a higher-grade gift.

Pair cup (glass)
Diameter 6 x height 6 cm
Capacity: 75 ml
Material / raw material name / ingredient: glass
Country of origin: Japan

■ Care
Please do not use the automatic dishwasher.
Soak in lukewarm water in which a neutral detergent for dishes is dissolved, and wash it carefully with a sponge or a soft cloth. Occasionally wash the cuts with a soft brush. When washing the inner surface, please use a sponge with a handle without twisting.

Rinse thoroughly with clean lukewarm water, lay it down on a dry cloth, and wipe off the moisture with a soft cloth that wraps around the glass before it dries out.

The legs of wine glasses are thin and easy to break, so do not wipe them by holding the table. Please note that you may twist your legs.

Polish so that your fingers and palm do not come into direct contact with the glass. Dirt that is difficult to remove can be easily removed by rubbing it with a piece of lemon.

■ Storage
Never stack tumblers (cups) on top of each other. It will be damaged or will not come off.
When stacking plates and pots, put a paper napkin or cloth between them. If the glass is scratched, it will be easily damaged, so handle it so that it does not hit the glass or a hard object.

What is Edo Kiriko?
Edo Kiriko began in 1834, the latter half of the Edo period.
It was in the 14th year of the Meiji era that the technique that remains today was established.
Since then, it has achieved a high degree of development in the city of Edo, and traditional patterns such as Nanako, Rokkakukagome, and Kikutsunagi were born.
“Edo Kiriko” is the name of a traditional craft designated by the government, and there are four clear definitions.
① Must be glass.
② Must be made by hand.
③ Use a rotating tool for production.
④ It must be produced in the designated area.
Only those that meet these criteria are called genuine “Edo Kiriko”.
Nowadays, some writers switch materials such as soda glass and crystal glass in order to bring out their individuality and world view.
It is also attractive that it continues to evolve while following history and tradition.

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