Edo Kiriko Octagon Checkered pattern Sake cup


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Edo Kiriko Octagon Checkered pattern Sake cup

Size Diameter 68 x Height 50 (mm)

Capacity about 60 ml

Material glass

Country of origin Japan

Shine that I want to cherish for a long time

Edo Kiriko star anise pattern

Production of Edo Kiriko began in the late Edo period. Originally, Edo Kiriko was a glass work that was made by applying cut work to transparent soda glass (transparent glass) and finishing it with handrails and polishing.

After the Meiji era, with the disappearance of Satsuma Kiriko, the technique and material of colored glass began to be used in Edo, but the colored glass layer is thin and vivid.

Skills cultivated by Kiriko craftsmen

While inheriting the conventional pattern, the processing method has shifted from handrails to those using wheels. Nowadays, rather than transparent glass (transparent glass) such as crystal glass, which is the material from the beginning, the one using colored glass as the material is regarded as a facet-like image, and many are produced.

Enjoy delicious sake that permeates your heart ♪

A drink of Edo Kiriko that is perfect for drinking sake on a special day.

The sake is even more delicious, combined with the sake cup and atmosphere.


What is Edo Kiriko?
Edo Kiriko began in 1834, the latter half of the Edo period.
It was in the 14th year of the Meiji era that the technique that remains today was established.
Since then, it has achieved a high degree of development in the city of Edo, and traditional patterns such as Nanako, Rokkakukagome, and Kikutsunagi were born.
“Edo Kiriko” is the name of a traditional craft designated by the government, and there are four clear definitions.
① Must be glass.
② Must be made by hand.
③ Use a rotating tool for production.
④ It must be produced in the designated area.
Only those that meet these criteria are called genuine “Edo Kiriko”.
Nowadays, some writers switch materials such as soda glass and crystal glass in order to bring out their individuality and world view.
It is also attractive that it continues to evolve while following history and tradition.

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Weight 300 g

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