Edo Glass Mt. Fuji Rock Glass Made in Japan


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Edo Glass Mt. Fuji Rock Glass Made in Japan

Edo Kiriko’s long-established brand “Tajima Glass” “Mt. Fuji Rock Glass
It is a glass series designed with an emphasis on usability.
Mt. Fuji, which emerges from the bottom of the glass, is designed with the actual image of Mt. Fuji in mind.
The color of the drink is reflected on the mountain surface, and you can enjoy Mt. Fuji with various expressions.
This item won the Grand Prix Tourism Agency Commissioner’s Award in the Goods Novelty category of the Souvenir Grand Prix 2015 sponsored by the Japan Tourism Agency of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

■■ Specifications ■■
Product name: Tajima Glass Mt. Fuji Rock Glass
Size: Mouth diameter 9.2cm x Height 9.5cm
Capacity: 300ml
Wooden box outer dimensions: width 10.5 cm / depth 10 cm / height 10.2 cm
* Manufacturing specifications There may be scratches and bubbles that can be seen when held over the light, but these are manufacturing specifications and are not defective products.

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Weight 400 g

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