Edo Glass Kamakura SAKE Bottle Set


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Edo Glass Kamakura SAKE Bottle Set

A heat-resistant glass container that can be used in a microwave oven and dishwasher has been added to the “Edo Glass” lineup.
The soft texture unique to handmade and the simple design that you will never get tired of.
It can be used regardless of the season.
Dishwasher can be used and easy to clean.

SAKE cup
Maximum diameter / 55mm
Caliber / 55mm
Height / 43mm
Capacity / 40ml

SAKE bottle
Maximum diameter / 78 mm
Caliber / 42mm
Height / 108mm
Capacity / 200mm

Material: Heat-resistant glass
(Heat-resistant temperature difference 120 ° C)

Product model number: KK-6139-29
Product dimensions: Cup: 40mlx2, sake bottle: 200mlx1
Features: A selection of sake sets where you can enjoy hot sake in winter and cold sake in summer or sake in Hiya.
Since it is handmade glass and heat resistant glass, it is a glassware that can be used in boiling water and microwave ovens.
Origin: Japan

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Weight 1500 g