Cold Sake Bottle Set Blue Carafe 300ml, Glass Cup 90ml 3 Pieces Set Made in Japan


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Cold sake glass Japanese SAKE bottle, SAKE cup blue Made in Japan Carafe 300ml, cup 90ml 3-piece set

The SAKE bottle has a separate ice bowl, so cold sake does not dilute.
Therefore, you can enjoy cold sake slowly.
Achieves the exquisite balance and beautiful curves unique to handmade SAKE bottles. A Japanese-style SAKE bottle that fits in your hand and creates a soft atmosphere, a masterpiece of SAKE cup Japanese glass items.
A soothing color SAKE bottle and SAKE cup will give you a relaxing time as a gift for sake lovers!
It is a unique handmade shade.

Cold sake carafe 300 ml x 1 (diameter 4.5 x height 16.5 cm)
Cold sake glass 90 ml x 2 (diameter 7.8 x height 5 cm)

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