Akae checkered maneki Neko small (left, black) 18 cm


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Akae checkered maneki Neko small (left, black) 18 cm

It is a mini-shaped beckoning cat dressed in cool black clothes ♪
The left hand is a female cat, which is said to be effective for marriage.
Seto ware with a history of 1300 years.
Maneki Neko has long been a favorite as a lucky charm that brings prosperity to business, harmonious wife, and millions of customers.
It is said that raising the left hand will invite thousands of customers and people and fortune.
Raising the right hand is said to bring good luck and money.

Size: about 18 cm
Producing area: Japan
Material / ingredient: Ceramic

* Colors may vary due to the convenience of pottery. Also, the size may change slightly due to the shrinkage of the soil.
Please enjoy the different facial expressions one by one.

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