9°kudo Storage container for cooking U90




■Part number: KABD-40587/KABD-40570/KABD-40563/KABD-40556/KABD-40549/KABD-40532
■Size (approx.): Diameter 90 x height 63mm (including lid)
■ Capacity (about): 230ml
■Weight (about): 114g
Material: SPS resin (syndiotactic polyethylene)
■Heat-resistant temperature: -20 to 220℃
Color design: evergreen, dark green, brown large color, large green, first green, solid white
■ Remarks:
*Dishwasher and dish dryer available
*Refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven available

Heat-resistant temperature is -20℃ to 220℃
We are developing original materials using SPS resin (syndiotactic polyethylene), which is used in tableware for airplanes. SPS resin can be used for freezing and refrigerating storage and cooking, reheating in microwave oven and cooking.
9° is a material that generates less heat when heated in a microwave oven. Efficiently heats without removing the water content of the ingredients to be heated.
As a result, the ingredients are fluffier than when cooked with materials that generate large amounts of heat, such as pottery.
Moreover, it is lightweight yet durable, and will not crack when dropped from a table or cupboard.

Two sizes that can be used on the daily dining table
The capacity of “U90” is about 230ml and “U150” is about 750ml, which are suitable sizes for soup, coffee, side dishes and bowls.
The attached lid can be used for steaming, warming, storing for a short time, etc., and can also be used as a tray or small plate.

Even though 9° is a material that can be used for a long time, the resin was supposed to be immediately discarded, “I want to continue to use it with attachment.” ”And the ideas of the designers, and “I want to create a product centered around “food” that makes people happy. It started from the idea of ​​the technician, starting from the place where the designer and the technician work together to develop the “material”, and in order to deliver the brand’s thought, it is carefully made in “Toyama” and the designer in “Tokyo” It is a brand of heat resistant resin to be sold.

Forming “Attachment”
I feel that having a feeling of attachment is necessary for long-term use.
A color that reminds you of vegetation that sprouts on the ground and grows with your eyes.
Feel like a pottery that fits comfortably with “hands”
We designed the delicious sound that you can feel with your ears when you place it on the table.

Not only the color and form that you can see, but also the feel when you pick it up, the weight, the sound when you put it on the table, the storability, the functionality as a material, and the design that you can attach from various angles. We discussed what it was and discussed many prototypes and verifications.
And we arrived at a simple form that expresses functionality that withstands the weathering of time.
The last form reached was the angle of “9°”, which was also the origin of the brand name.
“9°” has the feeling that it is loved for a long time and wishes for prosperity, as the traditional Japanese custom of “Sanjukudo” is called a solid cup.

6 colors available in the image of Toyama’s “snow, earth and green”
9°, which is made at a factory at the foot of Hakubadake, Toyama Prefecture, which boasts abundant nature, is called “white solid color” “first green” “large green” in the image of Fukinotou sprouts from the snow-covered mountain surface. , 6 colors of “brown large color” “dark green” “evergreen” that expresses plants growing strongly from the ground moistened with snowmelt water are available.
This is a color development that we wanted to make the time at the dining table lined with 9° even richer.

Easy daily maintenance and maintenance
After every day of cooking and eating, you can wash it as you would a regular dishwasher.
“Dishwasher”, “Dishwasher”, “Weakly acidic detergent”, “Alkaline detergent” can also be used.
If the color of tea leaves or food becomes colored, please bleach with “chlorine bleach”.

Additional information

Weight 400 g

evergreen, dark green, brown, green, first green, solid white