Feature 1 Handwriting becomes transparent due to temperature changes!
A newly-developed ballpoint pen equipped with the newly developed “Frixion ink” that makes the ink colorless by temperature change.
Since the erasing temperature is set for “Frixion ink”,
The color of the ink changes to colorless due to the frictional heat generated by rubbing the handwriting with the special rubber on the back of the body, and you can erase the handwriting.

Feature 2 There is no erased residue. There is little erase left.
Unlike writing tools that erase with an eraser, the ink in the handwriting becomes colorless due to frictional heat, so there is no erased residue.
Another feature is that there is very little unerased residue compared to the erased marks on pencils and mechanical pencils.

Feature 3 It is possible to write over and over again.
Unlike chemical formulas such as ink erasing liquid, it is possible to write repeatedly at erased parts.

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