Point to choose of ballpoint pen !!

How to choose a ballpoint pen!!
First, I will introduce the points of how to select a ballpoint pen.
There are three types of ink.
Know the difference and choose.

Point ①
Pay attention to the type of ink!
Let’s choose your favorite from the characteristics of “water-based”, “oil-based”, and “gel ink” that are typical of ballpoint pen inks, and from the writing comfort and durability.

“Water-based ink”
If you value the smoothness of writing, you can write “water-based inks”.
Water-based ink is recommended for those who want to write clear characters without putting effort.
Because the viscosity of the ink is low, it is difficult to collect ink and you can enjoy smooth writing comfort.
The colors are vivid and there are many color variations, so it is perfect for drawing illustrations.

However, note that the water-based ink easily penetrates the paper, and tends to show through and blur.
In addition, because it dries relatively slowly, this ink is suitable for writing slowly when you can take time.

“Oil-based ink”
If you want to keep your written characters for a long time, use oil-based inks with excellent water resistance.
Oil-based ink is recommended for ballpoint pens for writing long-lasting documents.
It is recommended for writing official documents and work documents because it has the features of being resistant to water and resistant to color sweat.
You can keep the written characters long.
Pressurized items can be used more comfortably because scratching at the beginning of writing is less likely to occur.

Also, among the oil-based inks, the low-viscosity oil-based ink with a light writing feel is ideal for those who write a large amount of characters.
Even with low pressure, you can write smoothly, so you won’t get tired even if you use it for a long time.

“Gel ink”
Both water resistance and writing comfort!
If you want to use it for almighty “Gel Ink”
If you want both water resistance and smooth writing comfort, we recommend a gel ink ballpoint pen.
Gel ink is an ink that combines good points of water-based ink and oil-based ink.
It has excellent color development, hardly blurs lines, and hardly shows through, making it easy to use in any scene.

However, gel ink also has the drawback that ink is reduced quickly.
For those who use it on a daily basis, it is safe to prepare a replacement refill.

Point ②
Select the thickness of the pen tip that matches the size of the character
The thickness of the pen tip is wide, ranging from a very fine 0.2mm to a thick one of 1.0mm or more.
If you select the thickness of the pen tip according to the size of the character you want to write, it will be easier to write beautiful characters.

For writing small letters, such as writing in a notebook, 0.4 mm or less is recommended, and for writing large letters, such as documents and notebooks, 0.5 to 0.7 mm is recommended as a guide.
Depending on the pen pressure, if you select this thickness, it is easy to write beautiful characters.

Point ③
How to put out the pen tip, choose according to the scene to use!
It is recommended that you select the type of tip you want to use depending on the situation where you use a ballpoint pen.
For example, the knock type, which pushes the pen tip to push the top, is ideal for situations where you want to take a memo quickly, such as on a telephone.
The pen tip can be put out immediately, so if you keep it on your desk, it is convenient when you need it.

The rotary type, which is often used in high-quality multi-function ballpoint pens and twists the pen shaft, is the recommended type for those who use it in customer service or business situations.
The gesture of putting out the pen tip is stylish.
You can smartly switch colors and switch to a mechanical pen, giving a stylish impression.

Also, if you often have a ballpoint pen in your breast pocket, the cap style is the best!
The pen tip is out and there is no ink in the pocket.
There is also a sense of luxury, so it is also suitable for those who frequently use ballpoint pens in public.

If you are particular about usability, we recommend a multifunctional ballpoint pen.
When choosing a ballpoint pen, not only ease of writing but also functionality is important.
Check out the multi-functional ballpoint pen, which has a plus-α convenience function.
If you use different colors for illustrations, check out the multicolor ballpoint pen.
For those who use different colors of ballpoint pens, such as black, red, and blue, a multicolored ballpoint pen is recommended.
Not only can you save the trouble of changing the color, you can also color-code with a single pen, so it is attractive that the number of pens can be reduced.
Many are equipped with mechanical pencils, and are useful items when taking illustrations and notes.

Customized type, which can be combined with your favorite holder and refill, is also highly evaluated.
Choosing the colors you use often makes it easy to create a personalized, easy-to-use ballpoint pen.
Changing the refill is easy, so it’s fun to change the colors used at any time.

If you don’t want to waste your notebook or paper due to miswriting, we recommend a ballpoint pen with correction tape or friction type. It is safe because you can fix it neatly. Replacement cartridges with correction tapes are also sold, so you can refill them.

Popular friction pens are excellent because the letters disappear when rubbed with the attached rubber. However, note that the characters disappear at about 60 degrees, and the erased characters emerge at about -10 degrees. It is not suitable for formal documents such as contracts and resumes, so prepare a pen using different ink.