Pilot fountain pen custom 845

Pilot fountain pen custom 845
Lacquered, a traditional technique that has been used in Japan for over 9,000 years,
It is a high-class fountain pen that is highly regarded worldwide.
Resin is also used for the neck and some of the crown parts,
Ebonite is used for main parts such as the trunk and cap.
Unlike plastic, ebonite cannot be injection molded (a manufacturing method in which a molten material is poured into a mold for mass production),
It is a material with the characteristic that it must be shaved or screwed one by one.
In this way, the reason why ebonite, which is not suitable for mass production, is used even in modern times,
This material is very compatible with lacquer.
I feel the commitment of Pilot Corporation, which has a strong passion for lacquer.

Using Japanese lacquer
Custom 845 uses only Japanese lacquer.
Japanese lacquer has the feature that the coating film is strong and has a high density.
The fine beauty of its texture has been highly evaluated worldwide.
Japanese lacquer is very expensive and costs several to 10 times as much as foreign lacquer.

Beautiful wax lacquer finish
The technique used for Pilot Custom 845 is a wax lacquer finish.
Wax finish is a technique that uses “wax lacquer” that does not contain oil in the manufacturing process.
Wax-colored lacquer takes a lot of time and effort to produce luster than general lacquer with oil added,
The luster achieved by this technique is an exceptionally beautiful mirror finish.
The process is to repeat the process of applying lacquer, hardening it, then polishing the surface and applying it again.
In Custom 845, this waxing process is repeated 3 times.
In addition, ebonite is used as the material for the lacquered shaft and cap.
Ebonite is a material with good lacquer bite and compatibility, so you can rest assured that it will be used for many years.
Pilot Corporation employs a group of skilled lacquer craftsmen who do all this work in-house rather than outsourcing.

◎ Before using
Ordinary paint has the property of hardening when dried.
Lacquer is a little strange and has the property of hardening when given moisture.
For lacquer, the moisture and oil from the owner’s hands are very healing and nutrition.
Therefore, using a lacquer fountain pen is the most important maintenance.
Please love the Pilot Custom 845.
In addition, the beautifully honed luster and the gentleness of the natural materials give it a feeling of touch and fit that is hard to experience with other materials, and you can feel the feeling of sticking to your hands.
As a test, if you usually write with the tip firmly held, you will find that even if you straighten your index finger, you can comfortably write with the fit on the belly of your finger.
*The point to be careful is that lacquer is weak against strong light, so in order to avoid discoloration and fading as much as possible,
Please protect from direct sunlight.

◎About the color of lacquer
Lacquer has a variety of appearances depending on the light source and the shooting method.
Also, from a long-term perspective, lacquer is delicate to light.
Exposure to strong light or direct sunlight may accelerate discoloration.
Avoid it if possible.