Pilot capless fountain pen

Pilot capless fountain pen
A pilot’s capless fountain pen, which is world-famous as a fountain pen without a cap.
It is very popular not only in Japan but also overseas because of its unique structure!

The best feature is … As I have already said, “there is no cap” as the name suggests.
A general fountain pen protects the pen tip with a cap, but a capless protects it by storing the pen tip in the main body.
And when writing, you will be able to write by pulling out the pen tip.
It seems that there are many people in Japan and abroad who find it troublesome to remove and attach the cap every time they use it, but with this specification, you can easily (easily) use a fountain pen on a daily basis!

The appearance is also different from a general fountain pen, and a clip is attached to the pen tip side.
This is because even if ink leaks when you insert it in your chest pocket, you can prevent it if the pen tip is on the upper side.
Therefore, when writing, the clip comes to the lower side (pen tip side).

How the ink does not dry
Why doesn’t the ink dry without a cap in the first place?

That’s because there is a lid called “shutter mechanism”.
A shutter is built in the head (the end of the capless clip side), and the pen tip is stored in the back when not in use.
And when using it, the pen tip pushes open the shutter and the pen tip comes out.