Mitsubishi Pencil PROCKEY Twin

PROCKEY is a color that is strong against water and easy to see.
Active in making posters!
Prockey’s water-based felt-tip pen that can be used for materials other than paper such as glass, stainless steel, vinyl, etc.
A water-based felt-tip pen that can be refilled with ink.

PROCKEY is useful for creating posters and advertisements to be placed outdoors, as the ink will not bleed when it gets wet when it dries.
It’s a vivid color, but it doesn’t set off and is recommended for writing on a calendar or imitation paper.
PROCKEY has little unpleasant odor, so it is easy to use even if you are not good at the smell of ink!

Colorant type → Pigment / Can be removed by washing → No /
Thickness→6mm/1.2~1.8mm/correction of characters→No/
Type→Twin type/Color variation→18 colors