Mitsubishi pencil “KURU TOGA” mechanical pencil
There are many variations! 

◎ Structure of Mitsubishi pencilKURU TOGA”
As its name suggests, KURU TOGA is a mechanical pencil whose core rotates and keeps sharpening.
This is a newly developed mechanism that focuses on the tip of the mechanical pencil for the first time.
The inside of the mechanism is divided into three gears, and the middle gear connected to the core moves up and down by using the writing pressure when writing letters.
By meshing diagonally with the upper and lower gears, the middle gear and core rotate little by little each time you draw a stroke. 
As you continue to write, the thickness of the letters does not change! ! 
Characters are stable and can be written neatly.

Character designs such as Disney (Princess), Snoopy, Kitty, Pokemon, and variations other than the standard type! it’s recommended.
The standard design has no rubber grip, but some models have a rubber clip.

This type is recommended for those who continue writing for a long time or who have opportunities to write frequently.
My hands are less tiring.

Mitsubishi pencilKURU TOGA”knurled model
This is a product with a stronger body and stronger texture than the standard model.
As the grip part is knurled as its name suggests,
It is designed to be non-slip. The low center of gravity design allows you to write stable characters.

Mitsubishi pencilKURU TOGA”High-grade model
The grip part of the high-grade model is made of aluminum, which makes it look better than the standard model.
This is also a low center of gravity design, so you can write stable characters.
Also, when the hands are dry, the aluminum grips may feel a little slippery.
If you are a high class person but do not like aluminum, we recommend the knurled model.

Mitsubishi pencilKURU TOGA” Pipe slide model
There is also a pipe slide type that does not break the core.
The pipe protects the core and adjusts the length together.
You can write down firmly even when the core looks a little out.

Of course, the goodness of KURU TOGA remains the same.
The appearance is not much different from the standard type.
This is an important point when choosing the grip, weight, and design.
Since there are many variations,
Try to find one that suits your image and purpose.

Mitsubishi pencilKURU TOGA” Uni Alpha Gel
The grip part is a fairly soft gel.
This is especially recommended for students, as it will not tire your hands even if you write for a long time.
Since the shaft is a little thick, if you prefer a thin mechanical pencil, it is better to use a type with a rubber grip.

●Three types of core thickness 0.3/0.5/0.7mm
The core is for exclusive use of KURU TOGA, but
You can also use a standard lead.
Since the core for Kurtuga has a structure in which the hardness of the center part and the outer core are different
You can enjoy a smoother writing experience.
Since the case is thin, it is also a good point that it is easy to put in the pen case.
When using it for work or study, 0.5mm is recommended.
Also, if you write a lot of small letters in a notebook or notebook,
I think that 0.3mm will make the notebook look cleaner.
0.7mm was released to make it easier for elementary school students to write in notebooks.
If you are a junior high school student or older, 0.3 or 0.5 mm is recommended.
Please use it according to your preference.

◎Comfort Compared to ordinary pencils, KURU TOGA is a mechanical pencil that is comfortable once you get used to it.

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