MITSUBISHI PENCIL Aqueous pen with posca rame extra fine 7 colors PC1ML7C

[Posca with glittering glitter]
It is a marker with good color development and no blurring or show-through.
Achieves glitter with newly developed water-based pigment ink!
Vivid color is produced even on a dark background, and overwriting is possible after it has dried.
It vividly colors like a poster color, does not damage the material, and has no unpleasant odor.
You can write on various things such as metal, glass, plastic, mirror, etc.
Ideal for drawing letters and pictures on letters, notebooks, glittering cards, photos, etc.
The pen core is less likely to become clogged when you write on anything other than paper.
Even if it becomes clogged, it can be easily fixed by wiping it with a tissue.

Extra fine / Line width 0.7 mm
Size: height 124mm x width 110mm x thickness 20mm
Ink colors: pink, light blue, green, blue, violet, red, orange