Love‼ Dr grip pen series♬

Dr grip is a writing instrument series that has been loved by people of all ages.
It is a popular pen series even after being used for a long time, and it has been well received in the word of mouth that it will not tire your hands and hurt you.
The most popular type is the mechanical pencil, but in fact, it is widely used in oil-based ballpoint pens and multifunction pens.

Dr grip oil-based ballpoint pen
There are various types, but there may be relatively many designs with a calm and mature atmosphere.
All of Dr grip’s oil-based volpenes have a good grip, so they fit well.
It will definitely be a part of it.

Dr grip multifunction pen
When it comes to writing instruments that make a big difference, a multifunctional pen is indispensable.
One multi-function pen containing red, blue, green, etc. is required.
It’s convenient because you can sort by color when you take notes.

Dr grip mechanical pencil
Dr grip mechanical pencils are extremely popular and loved by people.
Not only the grip that fits your finger, but the characteristic of Dr grip’s mechanical pencil is that it has a flexure mechanism.
The fluffy mechanism is a structure in which the core of a mechanical pencil is exposed just by shaking the main body.
It is extremely easy to use and has a fun design.