Lihit lab. Recommended pen case♪

Lihit lab. Stand pen case PuniLabo
For pen case and pen stand
Animal design cute stand pen case.
Made of soft silicon, you can use it as a pen stand just by pressing it from above. It is convenient because it can be washed with dirty water.

Lihit lab. Pen case
Plenty of storage Book type popular pen case
It is a pen case with a structure that can be fully stored and easily taken out according to the application.
Lihit lab. is a product that combines these two good things and children.
With a two-way spread book type and a large number of pockets, it organizes neatly and stores it.

Lihit lab. Compact pen case Smart fit
Slim and compact pen case.
The Lihit lab.’s compact pen case is perfect for carrying in a bag.
The inside of the bag is refreshing.
It weighs only 60 grams and is extremely lightweight, making it ideal for carrying around.
I recommend it as it fits in your jacket pocket.
Although it has a simple design, it can be opened and closed smoothly by attaching two fasteners and a fastener loop.
Adopted resin coated fabric on the bottom.
Assuming the scene you will actually use, the parts that you often hold will be resistant to dirt.
There are 4 main body colors: red, yellow green, navy and black.
It has a calm color and can be used comfortably in any situation. 

Lihit lab. Wide open pen case Smart fit
Easy-to-use wide open pen case with a sense of stability
The common point of ease of use is a structure that makes it easy to take out writing instruments.
Introducing products with such elements.
Lihit lab. Wide open pen case from SMART FIT series “ACTACT”.
Since it has a round fastener, the opening is large, and the triangular shape and excellent treatment create a sense of stability, and it is a pen case with excellent stability.
The color variation is a lineup of 4 colors of yellow green, navy, black and red. 

Lihit lab. Pen case 2WAY type
A pencil case with a chic design.
It is a pen case design for adults.
The “TEFFA pen case” from Lihit lab. has a very simple design, has a large storage space, and is a perfect pen case for use in business situations.
Of course, it is also recommended for children and students.
Please use it for school and cram school.
There is a pocket on the outside that can hold pencils and a 20 cm ruler.
There are 4 colors, orange, yellow-green, brown and black, so you can choose your favorite color.

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