Kakuno fountain pen, a pilot of a long-established stationery manufacturer in Japan

This Kakuno fountain pen was created by a Japanese long-established stationery maker, “Pilot,” to make it important to have the first encounter with a fountain pen.

Four points of Kakuno fountain pen
① The smiley mark on the pen tip has a cute design.
② Easy to open due to the recess of the cap, and easy to open even when it is firmly closed.
③ Hexagon is easy to hold and hard to roll.
 It fits the curve of your hand and does not roll when placed on a desk.
④ You can learn the correct way to hold with the triangular grip.
The triangular grip is exquisitely easy to hold.

Ink: Cartridge type is easy and convenient for beginners!
Kakuno’s ink is a converter type that absorbs full-scale ink,
There is a convenient cartridge type that can be used just by replacing it.

Character thickness:
If you like fine print, EF extra fine print is recommended.
However, no matter how small the letters are, there is only a fountain pen,
stop/upward brushstroke/sweeping etc.
The beauty of Hiragana can be expressed exactly.
This is a wonderful point that ballpoint pens do not have.

Writing taste:
You can feel the writing on paper from the tip of the pen.
It’s a feeling of writing that feels the appropriate resistance of “writing on paper.”
A fountain pen that makes you want to write many letters.