How to choose a pencil ?!

◎There are 22 types of pencil hardness, from soft 10B to hard 10H.
The softer the core, the easier it is to write when writing.

It is a commonly used pencil of hardness.
・B ~ 3B
It can be easily written with a little power, so it is suitable for children and long-time writing.
・4B ~ 6B
It is suitable for drawing because it makes it easy to create shades and shades.
・H ~ 2H
It is suitable for small letters and pictures because it doesn’t stain much when rubbed.
・3H ~ 6H
Since the core is hard and it is easy to keep a thin core, it is convenient when writing precise things such as blueprints.

There are round, triangular, pentagonal, and hexagonal shapes of the wooden part that wraps the core.
Circular/hexagonal pencils are easy to hold.
However, circular pencils, which are thinner than ordinary pencils, are convenient for storage, but are not suitable for long writing.

◎ Use
When you want to express the beauty of letters in every corner, we recommend using a pencil for hard-copying.
The mark sheet pencil is a pencil that is designed to be filled quickly and firmly during the mark sheet test.
Little dirt due to rubbing.

◎Major pencil makers

Mitsubishi pencil
We are a manufacturer that manufactures and sells pencils, colored pencils, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, felt-tip pens, correction pens, and seals.
“Writing pencils” for children are especially popular.
TOMBOW pencil
We sell stationery such as pencils/colored pencils, ballpoint pens, mechanical pens, marking pens, erasers, correction pens, and glue.
The pencil “Kimono Monogatari” made from recycled wood,
Similarly, “Hello Nature” for school children with animal pencils and animal illustrations is popular.
Sakura craypas
In addition to writing instruments such as pencils, name pens, and ballpoint pens, we handle painting and office supplies such as crepes, coupies, and watercolors.
The “writing pencil” that has a non-slip function and can write a name is popular.

Recommended pencil

・Mitsubishi pencil Unipallet paper box blue
A pencil with a refreshing blue gradation that is easy to use, regardless of gender, from children to adults. A standard hexagon that is easy to hold. There is a space for you to write your name, so it’s hard to lose it, so it’s especially recommended for small children.

・Mitsubishi Pencil Unistar
A 3B pencil that allows you to write thick and soft lines. It is useful for drafting illustrations, when you want to add strength to lines, or when you want to create shades. The strong plastic case makes it easy to store as a stock.

◎TOMBOW Pencil Tree Story Pencil Hex Axis 1 Dozen
Eco pencil in a design package that conveys the warmth of wood.
It is a product made by combining waste wood. The combined parts have different colors, giving you a natural feel.
Since the surface is matte finish, you can write letters and illustrations with a magic pen.
It is a standard hexagon.