How to choose a ballpoint pen !?

How to choose a ballpoint pen !?
There are three main types of ink for ballpoint pens.

① Water-based ballpoint pen

Aqueous ink has low viscosity and has a smooth writing feel.
Therefore, anyone can write a clear line with light pressure.
You can run the pen smoothly because there is little catch on the paper.

◎Characteristics of water-based ballpoint pen
・Smooth writing
・Can write clear lines with light pressure
・Good color development
・Ink dries slowly
・Even if water drops or sweat drips

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② Gel ink ballpoint pen

Actually, gel ink is also water-based, but gel ink dries quickly,
Furthermore, it is also characterized by excellent water resistance.
The water-based ink had a weak point that it easily bleeds, but the gel ink covers the weak point of the water-based ink.

◎Features of gel ink ballpoint pen
・Smooth writing
・Can write clear lines with light pressure
・Various color variations
・Excellent in water resistance and does not bleed easily because it dries quickly
・Ink runs out quickly

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③ Oil-based ballpoint pen

As the name implies, oil is used as a solvent in the oil-based ink used in oil-based ballpoint pens.
Therefore, it has excellent water resistance, fast drying property and less bleeding, which is also an advantage.  

Characteristics of oil-based ballpoint pen
・The best feature is that it has excellent water resistance and does not easily bleed
-Because it has excellent quick-drying properties, it does not easily stain your hands or paper.
・High viscosity makes it difficult to write smoothly
・The spread of low-viscosity ink has increased the number of oil-based ballpoint pens that can be written smoothly.

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◎Thickness of the pen tip
The thickness of the nib will be an important point when choosing a ballpoint pen.

For example, if you use a ballpoint pen for a notebook, we recommend that you use a pen with a thin tip rather than a thick tip.
For writing fine letters, a thin ballpoint pen with a tip of 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm is easier to write.

Also, if you want to use it in situations such as writing signatures, it is recommended to use a ballpoint pen with a thick pen tip that can write clear and powerful lines.
If you want to write clear thick letters, we recommend a ballpoint pen with a tip of 0.7 mm or more.

FromTOKYO Store staff,
I use a 0.5 mm ballpoint pen for my notebook, and a 0.7 mm thick ballpoint pen for everyday use in the pen case.
There are three types of pen tips, knock type, twist type, and cap type.
The knock type is a popular way to put out the pen tip, and the pen tip comes out by pushing the pen tip. It is excellent when you want to take out quickly and write quickly.

The twist type has a mechanism in which the core comes out when the axis of the ballpoint pen or the bottom of the pen is turned. It is a common specification for pens for business people and expensive multifunctional pens. Unlike the knock type, you can eject the pen tip without making noise, so it is recommended to use it in an official place.

As the name implies, the cap type is a type of ballpoint pen that normally covers the pen tip with a cap and then inserts the cap into the pen bottom when writing. This type is often found in water-based ballpoint pens, which tend to dry when the pen tip touches the air. It is also a type of high-end ballpoint pen.

◎ When choosing a functional ballpoint pen
Functionality is also a point to choose.
A 3-color, 4-color, or 3+1 mechanical pencil pen is more convenient than a single-color ballpoint pen. For example, many people think that a multicolored ballpoint pen is convenient if you carry it with your notebook.

In addition, the “erasable ballpoint pen” has recently appeared, making it easier to organize notes and memos. Even if you make a typo, you can erase it. The number of ballpoint pens that can be used in the same way as pencils and mechanical pencils has increased, so there are many opportunities to use them.
By selecting the most suitable ballpoint pen according to the situation, you will be able to write more comfortably.