An excellent writing pen
   Frixion vs JETSTREAM

Let’s compare the functions of Frixion, a long-established writing instrument, and JETSTREAM, Mitsubishi Pencil.

Features of Frixion
The feature of Frixion lies in the ink used.
Frixion Ink developed by pilots over 30 years before commercialization and becomes transparent when the temperature exceeds 65 degrees.
Frixion has the ability to write, erase and repeat, unlike other pens.

The eraser is convenient because it is attached to the head of the ballpoint pen.
What’s even more exciting is that the characters that go out of the paper and disappear between papers disappear when friction is properly transmitted.
Ideal for reports, schedule books, and other writings that you do not want to get dirty with double lines.
It can also be used for drafting with a pencil.

The lineup of ballpoint pens has a wide range of stylish designs, from study use to business use, to premium premiums.
We have a variety of designs that will provide you with joy.

JETSTREAM features
JETSTREAM is an oil-based ink pen characterized by low writing pressure and excellent writing taste.
It has a reputation for writing comfort and smooth writing taste, and you can write very beautifully.

Because quick-drying ink is used, it is common in oil-based ink pens,
Rubbing the letters you write, your hands will not get dirty.
Uses twice the density of conventional ink, so you can write black and clear characters.
It doesn’t look blue or gray, so it looks beautiful.

In addition, because it is equipped with a function to prevent direct current and backflow of ink,
It’s a nice place where you don’t have to worry about ink leaks.
You can choose from 0.38mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 1mm and abundant core thickness.